September 13-17, 2017

An Introduction to Hunter/Jumper Week

St. Louis National Charity Horse Show’s Hunter/Jumper Week is a period of events designed to excite and attract fans of both elegance and athleticism.

Typically, horses who ride within hunter/jumper classes are known for their agility and athleticism. Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds are the most common breeds for these types of competition. The terms “hunter” and “jumper” refer to the horses’ type of competition.

Jumpers 101

Jumpers compete over an intricate and unique series of jumps up to five-plus feet high for speed and accuracy. Their goal is to have the quickest time possible while knocking down the fewest fence rails. The different jumper divisions reflect different fence heights based on the level of the horse.

Jumper fans will be pleased to find a multitude of events during the show, which display boldness and athleticism.

Hunters 101

Hunters are judged on performance, conformation and manners from a subjective viewpoint. Each horse’s jumping style and way of moving are compared over a course of 8 fences and also on the flat. As with the jumpers, the hunter divisions vary in fence height based on the experience of the horse. Hunters also include divisions where the rider is judged called Equitation classes.

For fans of hunter classes, we have plenty of events designed to showcase the finest hunting elements found within the field.

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