September 9-13, 2020

An Introduction to Hunter/Jumper Week

As a USEF premiere-rated competition, the show will feature a wide range of hunter, jumper and equitation classes. Spectators can expect to see equine athletes showing off their agility and athleticism during Hunter/Jumper week.

Jumpers 101

Jumpers compete over an intricate course of jumps up to five-plus feet high for speed and accuracy. Their goal is to have the quickest time possible while knocking down the fewest fence rails. The different jumper divisions reflect different fence heights based on the level of the horse.

Jumper fans will enjoy a variety of events during the show, which display boldness and athleticism.

Hunters 101

Hunters are judged on performance, conformation and manners. This includes their jumping style and way of moving over a course of 8 fences. As with the jumpers, the hunter divisions vary in fence height based on the experience of the horse.

John McQueen, Manager (2020)

Queenie Productions LLC
810 Ridgewood Ave.
Calhoun, LA 71225
Fax: 318.644.5493


Micky Cannon, Show Secretary (2020)

810 Ridgewood Ave.
Calhoun, LA 71225
Fax: 206.202.3077


Tom Brennan
Keri Kampsen


Course Designer

Skip Bailey



Andrew Ryback


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