The St. Louis National Charity Horse Show is governed by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), the national governing body for  equine disciplines. USEF has strict horse welfare rules and strictly enforces those rules. SLNCHS supports the efforts and authority of the many federal and state agencies and breed associations. These bodies are responsible for regulating equine competition to ensure the safety and welfare of the horses and riders who participate.

Board of Directors – 2023

President – Traci Stix
Executive Vice President -Hilary Wilcox
Senior Vice President – Judy Werner
Vice President – Christy Barnes
Vice President – Kit McClorey
Vice President – Belle Rolfe Oberg
Vice President – John Suelthaus
Recording Secretary –Audrey May
Corresponding Secretary – Angel Venegoni
Treasurer – Debbie Erickson
Parliamentarian- Jean Ehlmann
Immediate Past President – Jody Woodley

Patti Boland
Dan Busse
Deidre Donnelly
Joni Friesen
Marcia M. Gay
Leslie Goodman
Elizabeth Hazzard-Herzing
Ann Horton
Angie Hott
Tyler Kennedy
Lynne Kloster

Laurie Mattison
Lisa Mills
Deborah Nathanson
Angela Pionke
Katherine Pollnow
Belle Rolfe
Jack Swanson
Amanda Thomas
Kate Totterdale