Helpful tips for an emergency![fb_vid id=”422173808360573″]How To Apply A Compression Bandage

Pressure wraps are a bit different than a “regular” bandage. We often see horses with digital artery injuries who lose a large amount of blood because either a regular bandage is applied or the compression bandage is improperly applied.

To be successful you need two things: A compression bandage kit at the ready and know how to apply a pressure wrap before there is an emergency.

Compression Bandage Kit Supplies

1. 4” x 4” Telfa pads
2. 4” x 4” Gauze squares
3. Roll of brown gauze (non-stretch)
4. Roll of Cotton
5. Roll of Vet Wrap
6. Roll of Elasticon™

How To Apply A Compression Bandage

1. Apply a Telfa pad over the wound
2. Cover Telfa pad with thick layer of gauze squares
3. Wrap pad and gauze square with brown gauze (Do NOT use vet wrap)
4. Wrap leg with cotton
5. Secure cotton by wrapping with brown gauze (Do NOT use vet wrap)
6. Add a 2nd layer of cotton
7. Wrap 2nd layer of cotton with vet wrap (Yes, use vet wrap this time)
8. Wrap with Elasticon™